Finals are over! On to the next project!
Here's my dialogue animation and my reel from the 487e character animation class. There's still a lot of polishing I'd like to do in the graph editor, as well as actually animating the second character. But hey! It works for now. The dialogue on my reel has a different camera angle than the original-- I had to change the over the shoulder camera angle for the sake of the assignment. But I still like the over the shoulder shot better :P

Also, I finally posted up an animation demo reel on my website!
Check it out!


Sketchbook Update

Here are some sketches from my tiny pocket sketchbook.
I tend to carry it everywhere in my back pocket as a backup sketchbook.
It's mostly filled with doodles of wild people in their natural habitats, rigging and MEL scripting notes, personal notes, grocery lists, and drawings inspired by other artists.
It recently fell out of my pocket and was ran over by a car. But nothing a little duct tape and string can't fix. Some say it adds character!

In other recent news, I'm one of them fancy dot com kids now! I got my website up and running thanks to the help of my friend, Kenneth Hung. I'm still working on adding finished reels to it. Check out the spankin' new links at the top of the page!

A strategy highly suggested for people (like myself) who are constantly caught without a pen.
It even survived the car!

And here are a couple drawings not from my tiny sketchbook.
They're actually quite large, and a pain in the butt to scan.
Skeletal and muscular structure studies done for a life drawing class, taught by Joe Forkan.