Opening Act's 10 for 10 Campaign Video

Just in case you haven't seen it yet

A a few months ago an old high school teacher contacted me, asking me if I would be willing to make a video for a non-profit organization in New York she currently works for. The non-profit organization is called Opening Act, and they bring after school theater programs to underprivileged schools all around New York City. Naturally, I said I'd be happy to do it! More experience for me!
The video took about 4 weeks of emails, phone calls, revisions, approvals, and spell checks to create.
Because their 9am to 5pm is my 6am to 2pm, and I'm a college student that likes to sleep in, most of the communication was done via email.
Overall, I would say collaborating long distance didn't turn out to be too much trouble.

It was a pleasure working with Gina Grandi, Suzy Myers, Marie Anderson, and Kate Perkins.