Convert deformer to skinCluster weights

Here is a crude demo of a tool I wrote in Python that copies deformer weights to a skinCluster.
Use lattices and clusters to skin complex geometry!

Also, thank you to Chris Emerson for the lovely arm he modeled. It's actually part of a character for his upcoming indie game. Check out airdashonline.com for those curious.


Waterhole Grunge

Welp, here's the fight scene from our (unfinished) short film from last semester. Cheers!

And here's the whole thing if you're interested!

Talented artists:

Chris Ybarra - ybarraart.blogspot.com
Christina Mijares - christinaisdrawing.blogspot.com
Garrett Eves - gceart.com


So Friday was ViaCommunity Day at Nickelodeon! Which basically means you have to earn some good samaritan points. I participated in creating uplifting cards that Nickelodeon sends out to children's hospitals!

And.... well.... I tired.

Here's a little visual overview-- Hopefully they'll lift some child's spirit.... or just creep them out a little. Either one is a moral victory in my book.

(how'd this character get here??)