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BLAH! I went to edit/add something to my last post, and somehow blogger decided to delete it all.
Oh well.
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 OKAY! First, here's some drawings from last week. Most of them are from the airport. Terminals are a great place to draw people in the wild! And my old printer/scanner has finally knonked out on me, so please excuse the awkward photography

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As for the Solitary project, I'm just trying to crank out as many scenes as I can. Animation has taken priority over everything else. I want to have some solid animation to try and submit to the Dreamworks Critique in a few weeks. After I finish current scene however, I'm going to finally give him some clothes using wrap deformers. It ain't nCloth, but hey-- I'm on a deadline! I also want to submit some nice footage to the film festival, so I'm going to worry about lighting and rendering before nCloth. So wrap deformers will have to do for now. I'm also going to apply some painted textures right quick before next week.

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