Light Studies & Gestures

A few of the many drawings from the past few weeks--
First two: light and value studies from statues,
Last two: a few gestures from live models

Still gettin' there!
Thanks for lookin'



Reachin' for a can o' nuts

And here are some poses I sketched up last week for the new assignment-- the hammer strike



VGDC + PMC Game Jam animations

This weekend was the VGDC + PMC Game Jam! The Video Game Design Club and the Pencil Mileage Club collaborated, split up into groups, and worked on designing and creating their own video games in 48 hours.
In the game our team created, you play as a ninja-beaver who must fight off hordes of cockroaches to protect a nuclear reactor. We eloquently named it 'Nuclear Ninja Beavers'
I basically took my pre-existing cockroach rig, adapted it to be compatible with the Unity game engine, and animated it!

For your viewing pleasure

Le Breakdown:
1. Walk Cycle
2. Attack
3. Flinch Right
4. Flinch Left
5. Death

I'll post some in-game footage soon. Our programmer friendos are polishing up their code and working on maybe making it playable through the web browser.