Waterhole Grunge

Welp, here's the fight scene from our (unfinished) short film from last semester. Cheers!

And here's the whole thing if you're interested!

Talented artists:

Chris Ybarra - ybarraart.blogspot.com
Christina Mijares - christinaisdrawing.blogspot.com
Garrett Eves - gceart.com


So Friday was ViaCommunity Day at Nickelodeon! Which basically means you have to earn some good samaritan points. I participated in creating uplifting cards that Nickelodeon sends out to children's hospitals!

And.... well.... I tired.

Here's a little visual overview-- Hopefully they'll lift some child's spirit.... or just creep them out a little. Either one is a moral victory in my book.

(how'd this character get here??)


Here are a couple of sculptures I made. It's fun to change it up from sculpting in maya all the time.

Thanks for looking!


I'm still alive.
And the auto-rigging tool is coming along nicely.